We’d love to go on about all the ways Queen Anne Manor can accommodate and cater to you, but the residents and families do it so much better! Read all the great things our family has to say about us below.
It Feels Like a Big Family

It feels like a big family. Everyone is so nice and are truly concerned for the wellbeing of the residents. The [community] itself is beautiful and well maintained. They have so many activities and events and outings for the residents.

E. Matsumo
They Treat Our Caregivers With Respect and Appreciation
I’m not a resident, but I’m able to have a unique perspective that tells a lot about a community. Our company has had the pleasure of supporting Queen Anne Manor these past few months with supplemental staffing. The leadership team have been incredible to work with because they treat our caregivers with respect and appreciation. It says a lot about a community when our caregivers always want to go back and work there.
Nicey H.
Comfortable, Home-y Feel
The community is very nice but has a comfortable, home-y feel to it that fit my parents. The nursing staff was very caring to both my parents and to my husband and me. The management there was always responsive to us and they took the time to pay attention to our requests when we had concerns.
Holly Z.
They Care About the Well-Being of Residents

If I were a resident’s family evaluating which [community] to move my loved ones to, I definitely would like to know how it is being run. I do know that staff are expected to perform their job well because they care about the well-being of residents. As a home care partner, we are honored to work with Carissa and her team at Queen Anne Manor.

Hery Hadianto

Professional, Dedicated and Caring

I’ve worked with Queen Anne Manor many times and have always enjoyed how professional they are and how big their hearts are! You can’t find a more dedicated and caring group – not to mention the building is stunning and full of rich history. Thank you, QAM, for all you do.


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